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Street Experience

Street Experience

Most people find street photography scary; how do you point a camera at somebody without having a confrontation. If this is how you feel, then this is the street photography experience for you.

This experience is for photographers at all levels, using film or digital cameras, but also for those seeking personal development, those who want to realise their potential and especially if you’re seeking a new type of experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or professional, prefer shooting with a digital or analogue camera. I teach in a practical way by showing, using straightforward, jargon free language and as the group will be small you will have plenty of quality time throughout the day for one to one time with me.

The experience is character building; you will have a deeper understanding of human behaviour. I will inspire you, give you the confidence to approach people in the street and, once approached, how to connect with them instantly putting them at ease and just as importantly gaining their confidence to capture the individual's character making it a mutually rewarding experience. It’s about personal enlightenment and fulfilment. I believe that a great image is 25% photographic skill 75% human skill. I teach you how to open your eyes to photographic opportunities and to capture the essence of this beautiful city. You will learn the art of preparation, as well as composition

My Street Photography Workshops take in some of the spectacular streets of Manchester and Edinburgh, just book your favourite city below and I will see you there

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