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Landscape Experience

Landscape Experience

Have you ever seen a beautiful landscape in your head and found it difficult to translate it into your camera settings so that what you see in your head is what you get on your camera or print? Do you find composition confusing, how to connect your foreground to your midground to your background, if so this is the perfect landscape photography workshop for you.

There are some stunning landscapes in god’s own county of Yorkshire, I will guide and inspire you teaching you how to capture stunning landscapes, I'll teach you about composition, how to connect different parts of the landscape together, teach you how to use camera filters and how to assess the correct exposure. I will also help you simple steps in adobe lightroom on the day out in the field to complement and finish the process of taking a stunning landscape.

This Landscape photography experience takes place in one of North Yorkshires' hidden gems South Gare. South Gare is a place full of natural beauty and has a huge industrial history, crossed with the beauty of the north Yorkshire coast. This is an ideal opportunity to extend your portfolio with stunning landscapes

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