I am an analogue portrait photographer, which is a modern day term for working with film. I choose film mainly for its richness of tone and elegance. There is nothing like the beauty found when producing a silver gelatine print. Vintage cameras are what I work with and some of the most exquisite are from the 1950s.

I love working in both the studio and location environment. Over the last 25 years of learning of my craft I have mastered how to use light and technique in the studio, combine this with film and I create the most beautiful glowing skin tone. On location I use natural available light and an array of filters and reflectors keeping it simple to enhance the beauty within the person. To find this beauty the most important part for me is connecting with that person and understanding their personality, bringing out their characteristics by using a simple and relaxed approach, making sure the subject of the portrait is comfortable.

Mission Statement

My vision for portrait photography is to provide you with an experience that you wont forget, and a print that will truly take your breath away, good customer service is also high on the agenda. I use black and white film as I believe it is the most beautiful medium to capture the beauty and personality within, I want to bring back the days where the sitter feels like the most beautiful person on earth.

 If you’re interested in a portrait, why not give Keith a call on 01287 679 655 or email info@keithmoss.co.uk